oscar e alan in cammino - twoas4

Audrey in pain english” has been their first work, published in 2012; played by Oscar Corsetti & Alan M. Schiaretti, filled with fine-filth-noise (a2Fn) and mixed by Paolo Mauri. Guest voices Christina Lubrani (chrisi) & Luminita Ilie (lumi).

Marea gluma” is their the second work published in 2017 and mixed by Andrea Bergesio. Most of the songs came from recordings still made  by Oscar and Alan M. Schiaretti but there are also two new tracks coming from different experiences and some new guests that have work togheter with the band: Jon Roseman, Roberto Sburlati, Stefano Vivaldi, Andrea Bergesio, Francesco Martinelli, Maurizio Corridori, Emanuele Roma, Elena Grazi, Giulia Neculau and the always present Luminita Ilie.


Now the band is composed by Oscar Corsetti (Voice, electric guitar and bass guitar); Davide Nosso (Drum) and Michele Lanzini (Cello) and Luminita Ilie (voice over). 

At the moment they are mixing with Andrea Bergesio the new album recorded at the Entropya studio in Perugia with Stefano Bechini. Bass and Sinthesizer overdubs has been recorded and played by Diego Ferri and Stefano Vivaldi. The first single dedicated to Marco Pantani should be presented last february 2019 at exactly fifteen years after his death but they are still working on it.

Acrilic on marble 30×30 cm By CO (oscar corsetti) + MA (matteo maggio).

Here on the side the marble painting that has been exposed for the first time at the FAKE COMA studio in Grosseto (Via Montanara, 3). This work, dedicated to Marco, anticipates part of the pictorial-graphic work that will accompany the new album composed by 11 tracks that probably will still see Libellula-press (we hope) to follow the phases of presentation and publication.

Oscar Corsetti (CO), is working from the beginning (early ’90) to create his art in a way that can represent with a unique object three very well connected things togheter: “music, words and paintings”.

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